Are you a refugee seeking resettlement?

UNHCR decide who will be resettled and where. However, if you wish to state your case in a letter, below is a template  you can use.  If you have problems with English I can correct your letter if you contact me via FB messenger. or my email,  Please be aware that you might not get an answer to your letter, but every communication makes UNHCR aware of the urgency to resettle refugees.

A guide for writing a letter to UNHCR requesting resettlement

Address your letter to UNHCR, date it and send it to: P.O. Box 3474, 1000 Dhaka, Bangladesh;

Your letter should contain the following:

Your name.

Your date of birth.

Your country and village/city/town.

Your family members.

Ages of every one in your family.

The health status of everyone in your family.

Your refugee status.

Your document details. (Copies)

Your camp details.

Any special needs.

Any disability that prevents you from working.

Medical records.

Who in your family is available for work?

When you arrived in the camp.

Your occupation before leaving the homeland.

Any work carried out in the camp.

Your school/education record.

Age you left school, college university.

Your employment qualifications.

Your education (and any courses you have completed in the camp).

Tell the story of your escape from danger.  When? Where? How? Why?

Explain your life in the camp.

Explain why you think you should be given resettlement.

Detail any extenuating circumstances, i.e., poor health, medical needs,

your life is in danger.

What do you hope to achieve in another country?

Which country would you like to settle in (you may not get a choice).

UNHCH resettles on the basis of the most urgent needs of refugees.

What are your most urgent needs? Be aware that you may not get a reply.