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Transpersonal Journeys is hub for  artists, writers, poets and philosophers showcasing  works  that are executed by professional and non-professional artists.  We are also interested in Outsider Environments and Bohemian Design.  The premise of this site is that art is a natural resource for healing the body and mind as it taps into the quiescence of the mind and settles the chaos and conflict.  Transpersonal Journeys cannot offer you fame and fortune, but we believe that art is a valuable cultural map for future generations  so we display any art that promotes  peace and equality.

About the  author.

I was born in London’s outer east and moved to Canvey Island during my primary school years and lived there until I was fourteen when I joined the peace movement at the height of the Cold War and became interested in politics and art. After I moved to London I took  lessons in painting with the artist Kristin Berge, a pupil of Oskar Kokoschka. Around the same time I visited the studio of sculptor Henry Moore in Much Haddam where I gained further inspiration for sculpture and philosophy. After travelling across Europe and North Africa I returned to London to work for the film producer Sam Spiegel at the office of Horizon Pictures. I was aiming to become an Art Director and studied commercial art at the Chelsea School of Art.  (Sam Spiegel  is best known for his films Lawrence of Arabia, Night of the Generals and the depiction of the overthrow of the Russian monarchy in Nicholas and Alexandra).  While working at the Horizon office I met my writing mentor Moura [Maria Ignatievna] Zakrevskaya, Countess Benckendorff and Baroness Budberg, the one time mistress of Maxim Gorky.  The Baroness  was a great writer and an amazing inspiration for a young person like myself and I visited her regularly at her apartment in Earls Court. She also acquired one of my earliest paintings of the Cathedral in Vienna, a city she loved.   About the same time I became a Friend of the Tate Gallery in London and began writing essays on art and cultural analysis. I moved to Johannesburg during the apartheid years and worked as an artist for the Gestetner Corporation and as a freelance copywriter.   In Johannesburg I exhibited a collection of my paintings at the Mona Lisa Gallery then owned by Hungarian artists Elizabeth Sebok and Zoltan Borbereki.  (The monumental sculptures created by Borberiki can be seen in his home town of Budapest).  Zoltan and I were good friends and he too gave me a lot of inspiration.  I returned briefly to London for two years then shifted to Western Australia in 1973.   In W.A. politics took  my attention and I trained as a therapist and became an active member of the Women’s Electoral Lobby, The Human Rights Association and Crime Prevention Council.   I moved to Melbourne in the 1980s where, together with my partner I set up a graphic arts company called Wicca Productions.  After gaining Masters degrees in Psychoanalytic Studies and International and Community Development I became a consultant psychotherapist and began merging art, writing and personal development.  I wrote my Doctorate on human consciousness and rewrote the thesis into a book, “The Canibalization of Jesus and the Persecution of the Jews” which was acknowledged by the Jewish History Museum in Sydney to be an important contribution to Jewish history. I now live on a rural property in Gippsland, lecture in art and philosophy and run art therapy groups.  My latest books are ”Beyond the Mind’s Eye” and   ” Mythology and Meaning in the Chinese Brush and Ink Drawings of Geraldine Wogan-Browne”. I am also honoured to have published a work on the outsider art of Robert (Boinga) Prudhoe called Amorphous Cognition.

The aim of my work has always been to help people find natural ways of healing psychic pain.  The world is full of challenges, but art is a good medium for placating the pain and finding one’s inner self.


Know thyself, your character, intellect, judgement and emotions. You cannot master yourself if you do not understand yourself. There are mirrors for the face, but the only mirror for the spirit is wise self-reflection’

‘Feel with the few, speak with the many’. Rowing against the current makes it impossible to know the truth’.

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