News from Bangladesh.

Suma, who killed Maheshkhali’s child Mifta in Chakaria, was arrested by RAB. RAB press release. RAB-15 arrested the main accused in the case of brutally torturing and killing a child domestic worker at Chakria in Cox’s Bazar and leaving the dead body in a deep freezer. Recently on May 10, 2023, Suma Akhter, wife of Kamal Harun, a resident of Chakria, Cox’s Bazar, brutally tortured Miftah Mani (10), the housekeeper of her house. Domestic worker Miftah Mani dies due to brutal torture. After the murder, Suma Akhtar kept the body in a deep freezer with the help of her husband. Cleverly, the maid’s family was informed that the maid had died of diarrhoea. Later the house owner Harun and his wife Suma escaped after sending the body of the housekeeper to Maheshkhali by ambulance. Eyewitnesses and family members of the deceased informed the Chakaria police station after finding numerous injury marks on the dead body and signs that the dead body was kept in the fridge after death. In this regard, Md. Syed Noor, the father of domestic worker Miftah Mani, filed a murder case at Chakria Police Station of Cox’s Bazar, whose case is No. 34/215, Date: 16/05/2023, Section-302/201/34, Penal Code. Ever since the incident was known, there was a sensation in the whole of Bangladesh including Cox’s Bazar. After receiving the information about the crime, RAB-15 started intelligence activities to arrest the accused and continued the raiding activities of RAB. When RAB tried to trace the location of the accused through various means, the accused kept changing their location repeatedly to avoid arrest. On the basis of reliable intelligence information, today 27th May 2023 around 03.30 hours, RAB-15, a smart raiding team of Cox’s Bazar, from Muhuripara area of ​​Jhelongja Union under Sadar Thana of Cox’s Bazar, the main accused in the related incident, Suma Akhter (32), husband-Kamal Harun, Sang- Hajianpara, Ward No. 03, Kakara Union,Thana-Chakaria and District-Cox’s Bazar were able to arrest.Arrested Suma Akhtar confesses his involvement in the incident. The arrested accused has been handed over to Chakaria police station of Cox’s Bazar district for taking necessary legal action