Art is Redemption.


 The Studio.  

Art is salvation.   The artist is a person who is not limited by convention, but someone who is resurrected into a whole being through the willingness to explore themselves.   Artists live in the shadows of their art.  The artist and art are one cosmic experience that speaks to a connection with the universe and the very essence of life.   Life is art and all art is the ongoing expression of life.   Art can help us to examine and better understand who we are. Art can be an interlude in life or the entry into   a whole new journey.   Everything is made rhythmic by art because art is an abstraction from which we can read ourselves at the deepest and most intrinsic levels.   We too are abstractions; a gathering of minds and bodies that change moment by moment.  Art is like looking into a talking mirror, art plays back to us who we are, our hopes and desires, our abilities and achievements.  Art can be both beautiful and disturbing, but it cannot be ignored. Art forces the spectator to confront the fears and emotions that reside in all of us. Art opens up conversations that might otherwise remain dormant, including what is the meaning of art? And; should art be used as a search for meaning?  Does art have an inherent purpose?  Art raises many questions. Some people view art as a window into the soul. In this respect, our thoughts become soul reflections and a pathway out onto the world, through art, thoughts have the power of transformation. Art is us, art is me, art is my universe, art is that vast expanse which gave rise to my earthly being and who I am, my identity, my soul, my awakening.  Every morning I rise and give thanks for my art.