Riots in Melbourne. January 2019.

Riots in Melbourne. The Guardian 5th January, 2019.

It is concerning to see the rise of Fascism in Australia, but not surprising. Australia’s historical “All White Policy” attracted many European immigrants who wanted to continue living the life of white supremacists, which was being eroded at home.  When the colonies collapsed many postcolonial immigrants chose to settle in Britain and many British wanted to escape the influx of different races with alternative cultures and religions.  The escapees headed to the new frontiers bringing with them their draconian racism and hostile attitudes. Fortunately, not all Australians welcome the hostilities, but Australia’s laws protecting racial equality are weak.  Added to this, there are clear class distinctions between those who are motivated towards racial violence and those who oppose it, and as usual the overseers of the hostile actions are generally people with vested interests, politicians, businesses and the like.

Violence never solves anything, it simple serves to hide the issues behind the dis-enchantments, which run deep in the Australian psyche and which have their roots in a history of rank colonialism and its convict and working class oppression.