Waking up from the dream.

  The World.

If you fear being alone or not achieving it is because you have not resolved inner pain.  If you suffer from being bored, it is because you have taken life for granted and not for its beauty. Life is an art and art the expression of life. We live moment by moment, but rarely do we saviour the moment so uniquely as we do when creating a piece of art. Art outlives us and it takes meaning to a new level beyond our original thought. Art can help us to better understand ourselves, that is our feelings of aloneness, rejection and alienation, our magnificence. Everything is made clear by art because art is an abstraction from which we can read ourselves; like looking into a talking mirror, art plays back to us who we are.

Art can be both beautiful and disturbing, but it cannot be ignored. Art forces the spectator to confront the fears and emotions that reside in all of us. Art opens up conversations that might otherwise remain dormant, including what is the meaning of art? And;  should art be used as a search for meaning?  Does art have an inherent purpose? Art raises many questions. Some people view art as a window into the soul. Our thoughts are  soul reflections and a window out onto the world, through art thoughts have the power of transformation.

  Reaching for Nirvana.


Mind and meditation.

In the 6th century B.C., the Buddha, Siddhartha Gautama, taught that life was an endless struggle and he showed us a way beyond the pain using mindfulness and meditation. Since then there have been many ways of calming the mind. Christianity uses prayer and contemplation to overcome pain as domany other religions and belief systems, but pain is not always obvious.   Pain can be repressed and manifest in mysterious ways.  Inner pain can affect our behavior and our happiness.  Repressed pain is like a vine slowly climbing the height of a tree, the higher the vine climbs the harder it is for the tree to grow and be healthy. The longer we have pain buried inside us the more it becomes an accepted part of our existence. We can be resilient. We can repress the pain, but what we end up with is anxiety, discontent and sometimes a chaotic journey through life.

Pain is many things. The world we know has been built upon pain. Pain can be felt as excruciating agony or it can be dormant causing a loss of balance and motivation. Pain can elude us and make us feel normal, because pain is normal.  Pain is not our enemy because without pain we would never know pleasure.   How we treat painful experiences will profoundly influence who we are and how we cope in the everyday events of life. All pain has links to the emotions. Latent stress, anxiety, depression, unhappiness, failure and despair are all states generated by the emotions of inner pain. Pain can be like a bad dream that sees us transfixed in a vortex of thoughts and feelings with no conceivable way out. Pain can come to us like a bad dream, but we can wake up from the dream.