Art is a language.

The Seer: Goddess of Wind.

Art is a language that can be read by everyone, because it deals in the colour and vibrations that govern all of life and the universe, As above, so below.  Moreover, we have to think about art whereas we acquire many other forms of language by rote learning. Yet,  art is not always easy to think about, because it comes from the senses and touches the emotions.  Art both conveys and depends upon memory. In order to draw an animal on a cave wall one had to recognise the animal in the landscape and remember it.

As the human brain developed so too did the imagination appear to be more real, humans saw line and shape more clearly. However, is what we see real?  Or are we living a fantasy?  Artists are often told they live in a fantasy world; nonetheless, the world of art might be more real than the world as we perceive it.  Much has been discovered about how the brain creates perceptions and how these perceptions impact our daily lives turning  perceptual trivia into the real.