Some people seem to have been upset over some of my Facebook posts, which take a firm stand against all forms of violence, including the slaughter of animals for food.  Here is my reply to those people.

Who so eats the flesh of slain beasts eats the body of death. Jesus.



Some people appear confused by my posts. Let me explain.  I am a transpersonal psychotherapist working mostly through art, also through mindfulness and aspects of post Freudian/Jungian psychoanalysis. Transpersonal experiences are compatible with unified and systems theory. While there are some similarities to mystical beliefs, there is nothing mystical or dogmatic about what I do.

The transpersonal experience involves a view of life where boundaries are arbitrary, solid matter does not exist anywhere other than in our perceptions. Life is made up of a collection of patterns, it is not linear as we have been told to believe. If there is a god then it is in the splendour of a living and regenerative universe, of which we are all a part.

We know a lot about the transpersonal  through the work of Einstein’s theory of relativity, but more particularly through the work of scientist Robert Sheldrake and the New Science of Life, which is constantly being added to in the context of quantum theories and those elements, which allow for the reverse flow of time.  Although we cannot say for sure that this flow of movement in time relates to matters of ancestry or history, what we can say for sure is that it does relate to an ever shifting consciousness, which has its roots in the unconscious.

Perhaps the most common way to tap into the unconscious has been through hypnosis, something which most people are familiar with, but there are other less invasive ways to explore inner worlds.  I use art, movement, music, connected breathing, dreamwork/visualization, making images out of unconnected pieces of material and more… I also have a very different view of therapy to most.   I  work to help people to become their own therapist, healer and life-world manager. Every member of my group(s) becomes a helper, there is no leader. When questions are raised everyone has a rightful answer because everyone’s path is different.  My groups appear to endure for years, not weeks or months, which I believe speaks to the effectiveness of my method of bringing about mindfulness, my own as well as that of others; something everyone must do for themselves.