Woman on the Cross.


Drawing by Anonymous.

Feminism draws little respect these days.  I was leading a workshop and listening to an archaic speech on the nature of women, in particular the seemingly outrageous behaviour of women now visible in current times, which appears to be of major concern to many conservatives.  What is it that bothers the older male generation?   Divorce, dress, women having opinions, the freedom to travel unaccompanied, promiscuity  and the rest.  I could hardly believe we were living in 2016, but on reflection while 1970s feminism achieved some gains, the backlash is ongoing.    What really raises my ire is the way women are being blamed for overpopulation and supposedly putting a burden on the earth’s carrying capacity.  Did no one person make it known to these critics that a women can give birth once a year at the most.  Hence many women are needed to create an overload of little people. On the other hand one male can impregnate as many women as  befits his fancy.  Who is to blame for overpopulation????   And, who says the world is overpopulated anyway? The problem is not too many people, but an unfair distribution of land, food wealth, education and other resources.