Genetic Memory?

    All symbolism is said to be linked to a genetic memory, but the view is controversial.[i] Nonetheless, it is one way of explaining why a damaged part of the human brain can be compensated by another unused part without any prior knowledge of the skills that might emerge from it. This is the world of the autistic, the savant and sometimes the sick and injured, but it is also another dimension we know little about.  We have hardly touched the surface in the pioneering neurosciences.   Expert neuroscientists call the extraordinary compensation brain plasticity; the artist calls it visionary.  

    A new era of discovery in neurobiology is revealing just how marvellous our brains are in terms of transforming and repairing a bad situation. In turn, this raises questions about how we might go about unlocking the real human   potential in all of us.   Experiments using sodium amytal [amobarbital] carried out by psychiatrist Darold A. Treffert in the 1980s are said to have exposed vast reservoirs of memories and forgotten images that are stored in the brain and never used. This semi-barbiturate, sometimes known as the truth drug causes a hypnotic state as well as hallucinations and sometimes delirium, but many who hear voices, psychics, psychotics, mediums and more frequently experience this state.   

      Darold A.Treffert believes we humans have focused only on one form of intelligence, but he also believes that the various measurements we use for identifying intelligence characteristics might become obsolete in the future.   As Treffert suggests it is likely that we all have multiple intelligences.[ii]  This should significantly alter the way we view pathology and different abilities.  


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