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Breaking news: the Victorian Government has just announced they will permanently ban unconventional gas and fracking — AND announced a four year moratorium on all onshore gas. This is a massive win for the community.  Can you share this graphic to celebrate?

Dear DrChris —

Fantastic news: as a result of the hard-fought community campaign, unconventional gas drilling will be permanently banned in Victoria!

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Unconventional gas win graphic

You made it happen. Because people like you wrote letters, signed petitions and marched in rallies, the Labor Government was forced to listen.

Farmers, Lock the Gate, Friends of the Earth, regional communities and the gasfield-free movement ran a fantastic campaign that couldn’t be ignored. Share this graphic to celebrate victory for the community campaign against unconventional gas now!

We’re so proud of the role that the Greens and our supporters, like you, have played in this incredible campaign.

Working together with regional communities, we created a split in the Labor Party through the Parliamentary Inquiry into gas drilling. We facilitated more than 6000 submissions to the inquiry – the most in Victoria’s history! We ran strong by-elections in regional marginal seats which saw the Nationals and Liberals change their position on gas. We polled voters in inner-city marginal seats to show gas drilling was a vote-loser, and we toured regional towns to rally support.

This campaign truly was a joint effort of so many people, who should all be incredibly proud.

While we’re disappointed that Labor has left the door open to conventional types of gas after the next election, this is still a huge win. Together, we’ve protected our farmland, water and climate for future generations.

Thank you!


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